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The founder

The career of Pharmacist Dr. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tram
Qualifications: Pharmacists, Doctor in chemistry – in 1991

The training process
- 1972, graduating from Hanoi University of Pharmacy – Faculty of Pharmaceutical Industry
- 1984-1985, studying foreign languages in Thanh Xuan University - Hanoi 
- 1985-1986, studying foreign language in Sofia - Bulgaria.
- 1986-1990, postgraduate in Sofia University of Chemistry - Bulgaria.
- 1993-1996, senior internship at Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

Work experience
- 1972, technical officer in syrup workshop of Hanoi Pharmaceutical Factory.
- July 1972-1973, working at Faculty of Pharmacy-Thanh Tri hospital – Hanoi as Manager for Formulation Room, having many technical innovations in the process of work in Thanh Tri Hospital.
- 1974-1984, working at the National Committee for the Protection of Mothers and Children. 
- 1982, admitted to the Communist Party of Vietnam.
- 1984, winning the national competitive examination for postgraduate 
- 1985, travelling to Bulgaria for postgraduate.
- 1986-1990, postgraduate at the Sofia Technical University.
- 1990, successfully defending the PhD thesis “Determination of the composition and structure of 45 compounds the essential oils of Vietnamese Cardamon” highly evaluated by the National Science Council of Bulgaria
- 1991-1993, working as assistant professor at the Sofia Technical University.
- 1994-1999, being sent to Bulgarian Academy of Sciences as a senior trainee to defend a Ph.D. thesis.
- 1990-2005, participating in the group studying Asian medicinal plants to create specific medicines for cancer and tumors. In the course of the study, Crila capsule was born and recognized by the Council of Science - the Ministry of Health. On July 21, 2005 the Drug Administration allowed Crila for nationwide circulation under Decision No. 135/QĐ-QLD with registration number VNB-3391-05 to treat BPH. On October 23, 2007 the Drug Administration announced Crila’s additional indication: the treatment of uterine fibroids under the Official Document No. 6104/QLD-DK. 
- 1999-2008, Director of The Research Development and Manufacture CRINA Center directly under National phytopharma company No.2
- 2008 till now, Director of Thien Duoc Co., Ltd.
Awards and Achievements
- August 18, 2005: National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam granted the registration patent and utility solution for “Medicine for BPH formulated from alkaloids extracted from Vietnamese “Royal Virgin” leaves (Crinum latifolium L.)” and its formulation methods.
- December 4, 2007: awarded as a nationwide talented woman in the period of renovation by Vietnam Women's Union.
- December 19, 2007: awarded as “Excellent and creative worker” in medical branch 1st period (from 2002 to 2006) by the Ministry of Health
- December 24, 2007: rewarded 2006 Kovalevskaia Award - the prestigious award for female scientists who have made outstanding achievements in research and practical applications in life, brought many benefits in the field of economy - society and culture.
- February 21, 2008: National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam granted registration certificate of copyright for the title “Study of genetic polymorphisms of the Crinum genus (7 species), and identification of distinct genetic characteristics of “Royal Virgin” (Crinum latifolium L.) in Vietnam used as  materials for Crila capsule production”.
- May 5, 2009: awarded for her outstanding achievements in the conservation of genes and herbal seedlings by the Minister of Health.
- June 16, 2010: awarded the title “The woman of women” of medical branch in period of 2006-2010 by the Minister of Health
- July 9, 2010: awarded for her outstanding achievements in patriotic emulation movement of the Vietnam Women's Union in period of 2005-2010 by Vietnam Women's Union.
- November 10, 2011: granted certificate of copyright “Medicine for hemorrhoids formulated from bioactive flavonoids extracted from Amaranthus spinosus L. and Portulaca oleracea L. in Vietnam by the Department of copyright.
- January 20, 2012: awarded the National prize in science and technology entitled “Research work group on Vietnamese Crinum latifolium L.” by the President.
- May 19, 2012: awarded Badge of 30 years as Party member by Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan awarding the Ho Chi Minh Award for Dr. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tram
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