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Thien Hoang Sa®

THIEN HOANG SA is formulated from bioactive ingredients extracted from Amaranthus Spinosus L. and  Portulaca Oleracea L., having effects in support to the treatment of hemorrhoids.

Thien Hoang Sa helps to reduce burning pain, shrink hemorrhoid, make sustainable vascular wall, stop bleeding caused by hemorrhoids. It also supports to the treatment and prevention of hemorrhoid recurrence, supports to the treatment and prevention of constipation.
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: Dried extracts of Amaranthus spinosus L. and Portulaca Oleracea L.
Excipients: starch, sodium starch glycolate, aerosil, talc, magnesi stearate…q.s capsule. 
- Reduce burning pain, shrinking hemorrhoids, making sustainable vascular and stop the bleeding caused by hemorrhoids.
- Support for the treatment and prevention of hemorrhoids relapse.
- Support for the treatment and prevention of constipation.

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Frequently asked questions

2. I am a patient with hemorrhoids. I have learned that all kinds of supplements and medicines for the treatment of hemorrhoids produced from Vietnamese herbs available on the market virtually contain the composition of  Houttuynia Cordata Thunb but this composition is not included in Thien Hoang Sa® supplement. So, I want to know the difference between Thien Hoang Sa® supplement and other hemorrhoid products available on the market?
In order to produce Thien Hoang Sa® supplement to support the treatment of hemorrhoids, the specialist Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tram and her colleagues have conducted the studies on the extraction of bioactive substances from a variety of herbal materials which have effects on support for the treatment of hemorrhoids. The screening research results showed that Amaranthus spinosus L. got 16 points, Portulaca Oleracea L. got 13 points and 11 points for Houttuynia Cordata Thunb. So, herbal materials for producing Thien Hoang Sa® supplement to support the treatment of hemorrhoids will be chosen from the samples with the highest score which are Amaranthus spinosus L. and then Portulaca Oleracea L. Because the score represents the treatment efficacy of the herbal materials, so there is no composition of Houttuynia Cordata Thunb. in Thien Hoang Sa® supplement. Thien Hoang Sa® has been studied by experts at home and abroad since 2005, but until 2014 it was created and the research result was transferred to Thien Duoc company for manufacture. Therefore, you can feel assured to use this herbal product.
3. Could you please tell me what kinds of food I should use when taking Thien Hoang Sa® supplement in order not to affect its efficacy in supporting the treatment of hemorrhoids?
When suffering from hemorrhoids, you should not eat hot and spicy foods or foods which cause constipation such as ginger, pepper, chilli, guava, durian, jackfruit, false ginseng, beef and dog meat. You should eat some foods like shrimp, fish, etc. and vegetables such as sweet potatoes, malabar spinach, jute plant and fruits like ripe papaya, avocado, orange, tangerine, grapefruit, etc. Diet is very important for patients with hemorrhoids, so you should pay attention to your daily diet.
6. I have an internal hemorrhoid and benign rectal polyps. I used many kinds of medicines to treat my diseases but the situation is not stable and often recurs. So, I want to use Thien Hoang Sa® supplement to support the treatment of hemorrhoids. Could you please give me the instructions on how to use this supplement?
As written in the instructions for use of Thien Hoang Sa® supplement: take 3 capsules, three times daily, after meals. Usual use of Thien Hoang Sa® supplement is 2 months. If you get good results, you can continue to use another time of two months. You should use this supplement as the instructions.
10. There are lots of supplements to support the treatment of hemorrhoids on the market. As far as I know, Thien Hoang Sa® supplement has been studied and developed by Doctor - Pharmacist Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tram and her colleagues at home and abroad, so I bought this supplement for my hemorrhoids. However, before taking I want to know clearly about how to take Thien Hoang Sa® capsules in combination with other new medicines because I currently have a stomachache. So, how should I use Thien Hoang Sa® capsules to avoid the incompatibility with stomach treatment medicines?
Thien Hoang Sa® supplement is formulated from bioactive substances which are extracted selectively, safe with patients and having no undesirable effects. However, when used in combination with other new medicines, it should be taken 3 hours or more far from other medicines to avoid the incompatibility in order not to affect the support treatment efficacy of Thien Hoang Sa® capsule. So, you should follow the instructions above.
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